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Pastor SteveI am the pastor of Valley Covenant Church in Eugene, Oregon. I love to flyfish and hike along the beautiful rivers in our area. I welcome your comments as I share sermon work in progress and occasional other thoughts. Thank you for visiting this blog. and I invite you to visit my web page.
In Christ,
Pastor Steve Bilynskyj

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  1. Inspector says:

    How do you feel about the fact that Islamic apologist Hamza Tzortzis, has copied and pasted William Lane Craig’s paraphrasing of your work, and then attributed Craig’s words to you?


    citation [9]

    • I wasn’t aware of the page to which you pointed me. The actual words attributed to me are a pretty fair paraphrase, close to words I actually use, so I haven’t got a big problem with the attribution. My dissertation is not easily available, so it would have been difficult for the writer to directly quote me or verify Craig’s understanding. The part I don’t agree with comes a little further down in Tzortzis’ text, after he cites Craig specifically and then says, “In summary, this means that miracles are acts of impossibilities concerning causal or logical connections.” The last couple words suggest a miracle could be a logical impossibility, which I certainly don’t accept, nor do I think Craig would accept it. Miracles are physical impossibilities, but not logical impossibilities. Not even God can do the logically impossible.

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